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24th Apr 2014

Hey guys just want to make a special announcement on The Red Ribbon Army'sbehalf. The Red Ribbon Army had its first official platoon vs platoon battle against the APT (Airborne Para Troopers). This was an un-scheduled platoon battle we had an 8v8 happen and we tied all our games. I am very happy to say that there were a lot of good members on at this time to help make his happen. Here is a list of all the active members during this time. 

-King Wes III{PVT} 

I would like to personally thank all these members for showing at this time and making this platoon battle possible we will be having more of these and always practicing to make sure we always win. All these members will be considered for further advancement in our platoon. I will be making an official ranking system this weekend and posting it on here. 

Thanks guys keep it up! 
The Red Ribbon Army
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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