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Welcome to your new website!

Thank you for signing up with us, Welcome to The Red Ribbon Army our platoon is a vigilant skill team based organization we are a strictly ONLY  a Battlefield 4 Platoon/Clan. The Red Ribbon Army prides itself on being extremely competitive and crushing the opposing enemy. The Red Ribbon Army is a RANKED platoon basing all ranking on a traditional military system. The system works as follows, when attending clan practices,clan battles, and recruiting new and skilled members you will earn points based on the amount of time you play as a clan. As you earn points you will began to work your way through the ladder of command earning you a higher rank and also a higher more authoritative reputation. The Red Ribbon Army hosts events for ranking such as.

1.Clan Practices 
2.Clan VS. Clan Battles
3.Clan Training
4.Clan Recruiting

When you attend these scheduled events you will earn the points you need to become a stronger and fuller member of The Red Ribbon Army.

Ranking: Attending clan practice for showing you earn 1pts for attending for at least an hour you earn 2pts for recruiting a new SKILLED member you earn 3pts

 (Will not only be subjected to further rank by attending events but also in some cases if founding members reach a mutual decision on a member whom shows their valuable and a active member within The Red Ribbon Army they will earn rank by vote.)
Platoon Rules: 

Wearing the correct platoon tag (The Red Ribbon Army ) is mandatory to remain in this platoon. 

Add all the leaders to Battelog and Xbox Live/PSN. 

Read this topic, the FAQ topic and any other important topic with information that is needed. 

Show respect to your superiors. 

Inappropriate behaviour, whether in or off game, is not tolerated. 

If any EA/DICE Official warns us about your behaviour, you will be IP banned, kicked and put up on public display for humiliation. 

In-Game Rules: 

No bitching. 

No screaming. 

No harassing other members/players. 

Always provide tactical and strategic information to your team. 

Don’t use the communication system (Party chat) for personal stuff in a game. This is only allowed off-game and in unimportant situations. 

Show respect to your superiors in-game. 

Follow orders when given by a superior. 

You will be given a warning for every misconduct. 3 strikes and you’re out.
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